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Beatbox Workshops

Beatboxing is the deep exploration of extended vocal techniques to find new sounds and combine them in new ways. Beatboxing practice can turn a vocalist into a drumkit, or a sample pad, or a lead melody line.
It is an art form that has drastically evolved from its hip hop roots and make its way into popular culture and contemporary music practice.

As a music educator, I see beatboxing playing a crucial role in the future of music education. With no setup or prohibitive instrumental cost required to practice or jam, beatboxing has a broad range of potential applications in the music classroom, practice room, or recording studio.

As a practicing musician, I find beatboxing a fantastic tool to efficiently communicate complex musical concepts. It is a readily accessible way of demonstrating and performing a wide variety of sounds and the incredible diversity of tonal possibilities means that beatboxing can fit into a huge range of musical performance styles.


I have been a life-long vocalist and a strong advocate for developing a holistic approach to musicianship. I have been delivering and refining beatboxing workshops for several years in Australia.

I have competed in the Sydney Championships, worked on production in other major beatboxing events, and am currently in the process of developing a documentary on ‘Beatbox Education’.

I have run workshops for primary, secondary, tertiary, and teacher professional development around Australia and New Zealand with the DAYTiME conference series, and online with Gondwana National Choirs. 


Well presented, interactive, allowed creative outlet both physically and socially.  A large part a success because it was planned to allow for both community input and personal voice at the same time.

It was super fun and has encouraged me to experiment with my voice as much as I can, it's capable of so much more then I thought :) 

With Zoom original sound mode I can vouch for the quality of this. We have highly distracted primary schoolers learning from Connor Malanos and sometimes the only thing that draws them back to the computer is a quick bit of beatboxing!

“Connor Malanos ran a beatboxing workshop for my teaching studio a few weeks ago for a group of 6-9 year old music students and it was absolutely wonderful. My colleague and I thought he was very engaging with lots of original and innovative ideas to keep students on track and inspired. He really opened their minds to the possibilities of vocalisations. A++”

Beatboxing Podcast

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