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Making Music

Connor Malanos is a young Music Educator with a background in classical viola, and foreground in making weird sounds with his mouth. He is currently developing a Beatboxing program for student workshops and teacher Professional Development and has toured all over Australia with the ‘DAYTiME 2019’ music education conference series, and delivered numerous workshops around Sydney.

Malanos’ experience with music began with violin lessons and choir at Sydney Grammar Primary School in 2003. He majored in viola from 2008, all the way through the Conservatorium High School and the Sydney Conservatorium of music, graduating with a B. Mus (Music Education) at the end of 2019.

His beatboxing began in 2013 as an extension of foley artistry inspired by The Umbilical Brothers. It developed upon discovery of Australian Beatbox pioneers Mal Webb and Tom Thum, and further evolved since competing in the 2016 Australian Championship and becoming a part of the Sydney beatboxing community.

Over the course of his 10 years at the Sydney Conservatorium, Malanos has been lucky to spend time performing in a wide range of genres with some of Australia's best musicians; Choirs with Elizabeth Scott, Jazz with Judy Bailey, Tango with Maggie Ferguson, Hip Hop with Luka Lesson, Taiko with TaikOz, Opera with Narelle Yeo, and classically training with some of the SSO’s orchestral top musicians and conductors.

Malanos has performed with many choirs, but pursues a particular passion for tight a cappella and barbershop tunes performing frequently with the Sydney University Barbershop Society ‘Barbersoc’.

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