Connor Malanos (He/Him) is a Photographer, Videographer, Educator, Musician, Event Manager based in Sydney, Australia.

He is a classically trained violist and self-taught beatboxer who graduated from the B. Mus (Music Education) degree at the Sydney Conservatorium at the end of 2019.


He combines his love of music and arts with his experience in photography, film production, and video editing. This means regularly being involved in productions around Australia in various capacities - including live musicals, classical concerts, recitals, and even a hip-hop opera production. 

Malanos’ current project and documentary, Beatbox Education, aims to shed some light on the culture of beatboxing and its value in the music classroom. His professional development, workshops, and classroom sessions on beatboxing often begin with students or teachers anxious to make even a single sound and end with students working in groups to create entire songs and soundscapes with just their voices. The end goal is to expand the classroom vocabulary to include new sounds in musical discussions and to empower students to make music with the only tool they have with them at all times.

A founding member of the Sydney Conservatorium Whistling Ensemble ‘Air-Con’ and having spent a week of 2018 designing and constructing a 3-meter shipwreck, Malanos has always had a propensity for ignoring the boundaries of ‘normal’ even amidst full-time study.


Malanos also tours with ‘Quart-Ed’, an education-based String Quartet focused on engaging students in string music and ensemble activities. Quart-Ed has performed at VIVID of all Australian works including some world premieres and is currently working to build an interactive Livestream program.